Provitalize Review: Is Provitalize A Scam? My Honest & Critical Review

Provitalize Probiotics Review: Is Provitalize A Scam?

I first learnt about the product when I came across a positive provitalize review on their Facebook page. Having bought and tested myself for 1 month, I want to share my honest and critical Provitalize review and show you whether it lives up to its weight loss and health claims.

Provitalize is a probiotic supplement that helps you accomplish weight loss and is created by a health company called Better Body Company (their site is BetterBody.Co). And just like you, I was pretty skeptical about its weight loss and health improvement claims. The question ringing in my mind was “Is Provitalize a scam?“.

A disclaimer here is that I am not affiliated to Better Body Co. or Provitalize. I am writing from my own experiences with Provitalize.

Why am I interested in Provitalize?

I’ve pretty much struggled with stubborn fat all my life. Mine may not be the worst case in the world, but it is visibly demoralizing and ruining my life.

And it sucks. Somehow I can just feel it when people stare at me with disgust, thinking I’m some sort of a fat, lazy, ugly and useless burden to society.

Probiotics for weight loss

It’s not just social issues too. My doctor continually warned me that I’m at risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke and diabetes if I let my numbers go up.

But I’ve tried what I could. I work a full-time office job and I’m sort of a serial dieter. I cut down on junk food, I start working out, I go on a healthy diet… 2 weeks later, my friend holds a gathering party, my family celebrates Thanksgiving, I attend my colleague’s wedding, where are constantly putting me under social pressure to eat a lot of tasty junk food like cupcakes, pizza and brownies. The lazy, indulgent devil sets in and I lose my healthy living perseverance.

I’ve tried some fat loss pills that simply didn’t work or had too much side effects. So when I see a new product that promotes weight loss, I’d get hyped up.

Realizing the REAL reason for my stubborn fat

 As I went through Provitalize’s sales letter, I was introduced to the real reason why we can’t lose weight. Our condition, known as “weight loss resistance”, is mainly caused by 2 mechanisms in our body.

  • Brain inflammation due to C Reactive Protein
    • Our bodies contain an elevated amount of this inflammatory protein called C Reactive Protein (CRP). This makes our brain more “leaky” (more permeable) to bad bacteria and other toxins. This messes up with our hypothalamus of our brain, which controls our body metabolism. Hence this is why we complain our body has low metabolism!
  • Bad bacteria falsely triggering hunger in your brain
    • Our gut is more “leaky” and that’s where the bad bacteria passes through into the bloodstream and trigger the hunger signal in our brain. Thus, we’ll always feel hungry even if we’re full.

So why Provitalize? How does it work?

This is where Provitalize hits the nail on its head. Provitalize, a formulated probiotic supplement, targets the REAL reason behind weight loss. It reduces the inflammation from CRP and introduces good bacteria strains that promote weight loss. It also boosts metabolism and improve your immunity.

Can we trust this product?

Firstly from what I’ve checked, all their ingredients have been proven efficacious in clinical trials.

It’s made up of 3 key components: the herbal ingredients, the probiotic strains, and the natural boosters, all being natural or plant-based.

Provitalize probiotic clinically proven

3 Herbal Ingredients that has proven anti-inflammatory and metabolic benefits

  • Turmeric Root Extract (active ingredient curcumin)
  • Moringa Leaf Extract
  • Curry Leaf Extract

I’ve came across other brands selling turmeric capsules or moringa supplements separately for similar health purposes. Provitalize combines the best of these ingredients in their effective dose, all within one convenient capsule, giving you the all the benefits in one go.

3 Probiotic Strains that has proven effects of fat loss and improving gut health

  • Lactobacillus Gasseri
  • Bifidobacterium Breve
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis

2 Natural Boosters that has proven enhancement the effectiveness of active ingredients

  • BioPerine® (a unique black pepper piperine extract, important to boost the effectiveness of curcumin)
  • Sunflower Lecithin

Secondly, Provitalize is produced in a good-manufacturing-practice certified (GMP certified) facility in the USA. In fact, Better Body Co. is manufacturing it themselves. So in this aspect, they are in full control of the quality of their product and service.

Provitalize Benefits:

Include Probiotics In Our Diet

  • It brings RESULTS when you live right & eat right

    • By eliminating weight loss resistance, Provitalize makes your healthy living efforts productive. Their site mentioned that you can expect to results in around 30 days. This is also the time that I began to see some significant results. I’ll be going through my experience in detail in the next section right below.
  • Provitalize targets the root cause of stubborn fat

    • We’ve established that stubborn fat is due to brain inflammation and bad bacteria constantly triggering hunger, and this is EXACTLY what Provitalize is going to work on. Most weight loss supplements in the market treat the symptoms of stubborn fat.
  • They manufacture Provitalize themselves

    • Better Body Co. is manufcaturing Provitalize themselves. This is one important point that trumps over many other private-labelled supplements. Being in direct control of the manufacturing process, they can oversee and ensure the quality of their product is effective and safe for our consumption.
  • Special formulation using proven ingredients & clinical studies

    • The ingredients have been proven in clinical trials to help with weight loss and anti-inflammation. The mechanism of CRP causing Weight Loss Resistance is also proven via a clinical study on massive scale of 16,616 people in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
  • Convenient and easy to consume

    • The dosing is pretty simple. Take 2 capsules in everyday, preferably in the morning before meals. I do it every morning before going to work. I’ve seen other weight loss supplements that needs to be taken 3 times a day, which I would have forgotten by the time I reach home from work.

  • All natural ingredients, safe for many dietary restrictions

    • The product is made entirely out of plant-based ingredients and natural probiotic bacteria. Even the capsule is made of vegetable cellulose. Thus it makes it suitable for vegans, those with allergy to nuts, lactose or gluten.
      However, if you’re on medication, you should consult your doctor first. Tell him/her that you want to start taking Provitalize, show him/her the ingredients so he/she can determine if you’re suitable for this, and help you adjust your medications if needed.
  • Ships to your address, worldwide delivery

    • Your order gets delivered to your doorstep. Pretty convenient.
  • 90 days 100% money back guarantee

    • Update: Seems like they have extended their guarantee period from 60 to 90 days, which means more time for us to try.
    • Provitalize now has a 90 day money back guarantee. So if at any time in the next 90 days I feel Provitalize is not good for me, I can simply contact them and get a refund. I think it’s a reasonable period for anyone to decide whether to continue with a product.

Cons of Provitalize:

Provitalize Probiotic Capsule

  • Can only be bought online

    • You can currently only purchase it through their Better Body website, and they’ll deliver it to you.
  • Your body may need time to adjust

    • Like most probiotics, you may experience mild nausea or bloating as your body adjusts to the new bacteria strains in your gut. This is quite normal and you should feel better in a couple of days. But if your symptoms are serious, please stop and seek medical attention immediately.
  • Not a “magic pill”

    • It’s our own responsiblity to look after ourselves. Provitalize helps to fix weight loss resistance so that you can lose weight effectively. You have to play your part and commit to a healthy life yourself. Only if you can do that will Provitalize bring you results.

My Personal Experiences

Lost the pounds, feeling much better

I’ve taken Provitalize for a month. Through this period of time, my weight has gone down by 5 pounds. I don’t know how this number feels to you, but this is actually the first time my weight has gone down over the years! It is a significant achievement for me, and it is my first progress I’ve made after years. My old school pants are finally start to fit. On top of that, I’ve been feeling an increase in energy and improvement in my mood overall. Even my friends noted that I appear more lively and seem to look a slimmer on the stomach after taking Provitalize.

Adopting a healthier life, being able to control my appetite

Probiotic Review Healthy Living Family Walking

That said, I have been adopting a healthier lifestyle and doing my best to commit to it. I make sure I have leafy greens in my meals every day. I try to do some light to moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day. And it’s been painful, but I had to reject a few events and gatherings to avoid their junk food. But after taking Provitalize, my hunger pangs have reduced and I am able to control my appetite much better now.

Initially, I got tempted several times to go back to an unhealthy diet, but I am lucky to have some good friends and a loving husband who have been fully supportive and keeping me on the right track. In fact, once I started feeling better and more energetic, I knew I wouldn’t want to go back to the fat lazy me anymore.

Better productivity, better life

With better energy, I’ve also been more productive now. I don’t feel as sloppy and exhausted so much anymore. In fact, I can go out with more confidence now. Feeling more energetic and happy, I spend more meaningful time with my family. I treasure my family and my time, so putting myself in a healthier state really helps with my life.

No doubt, I can make more progress, but I am comfortable and happy with my current state right now. Note that I’m working a full-time office job. I’m using whatever little free time I have to look after my health, and being able to make significant progress for the first time with Provitalize means a lot to me.

The Verdict

I am satisfied with Provitalize so far, and will continue consuming it. I will also fulfill my responsibility for my own health, and continue leading a healthy lifestyle. To me, Provitalize is like a key that unlocks weight loss resistance. It gives me a REAL chance to lose my stubborn fat for good, allowing my weight loss efforts to be effective.

If you’re looking for a magic pill that sheds 15 pounds in one day without any work, then you shouldn’t buy Provitalize. Go google for your magic pill and try some bogus pill that puts your health at risk.

Provitalize Review Best Probiotic Weight Loss

But if you’re ready to unlock your weight loss resistance and commit to a healthy life, Provitalize is worth a shot. Perhaps I might even say Provitalize is the best probiotic for weight loss. Maybe it will work for you, maybe it won’t; you’ll never know until you try it. Provitalize is not a a scam.

You can try it risk-free for 90 days and you can get health results, so I’d say you should give it a shot and see how it goes.

PS: I am not associated with Provitalize. This is not a sponsored post; just an honest feedback from a working mother in her 50’s.

If you want to visit the website, the link to Provitalize is right below:

Link to Provitalize Website